Your Guide to CCTV Drainage Surveys in the UK 

Your Guide to CCTV Drainage Surveys in the UK 

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Owning a property is so glamourous, isn’t it? You get to choose the colour of your door, carpet the place in your favourite patterns, and you get to invite people around for that housewarming party. But of course, the real glamour of business and property owning is your drainage system
Thinly veiled sarcasm aside, we prefer to let those hidden heroes continue their tireless work without any intervention from us. We don’t like to think of them whisking away our bath water or keeping our lives afloat. Unfortunately, there are times when we are forced to think about them. 
Blocked drains, leaks, and other hidden horrors spell disaster for your home or business. But don’t worry, the drain doctors are on hand with their secret weapon – the CCTV drain survey
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But what exactly does a CCTV drain survey involve? 

Think of a CCTV drain survey as your friendly neighbourhood drain colonoscopy. A small waterproof camera is mounted won a flexible cable and inserted into your drain. This provides a real time, visual feast of what’s lurking beneath the surface. This high-definition detective work can unearth a multitude of riveting mysteries, including: 
Blockages: From rogue toys to stubborn fatbergs, the camera reveals the culprits behind those sluggish drains. 
Root infiltration: Those pesky tree roots love a good pipe party, but their uninvited presence can crack and damage the system
Pipe defects: Cracked, collapsed, or misaligned pipes are no match for the camera's eagle eye. 
Leaks: Silent saboteurs causing hidden dampness? The camera will sniff them out. 
CCTV Drainage System

Going the extra mile 

But it's not just about identifying the bad guys. A CCTV drain survey goes the extra mile, providing you with: 
A detailed map of your drainage system: Think of it as a treasure map of your underground pipes, revealing their location, depth, and connections. 
Precise measurements and footage: Knowing the exact length and diameter of your pipes ensures accurate repairs and replacements. 
A comprehensive report: You'll get a clear diagnosis of your drainage woes, complete with recommendations for action and estimated costs. 

So, why should you consider a CCTV drain survey? 

There are many reasons you might call upon your drainage company to provide you with a CCTV drain survey. Here are just a few examples: 
Preventative maintenance: Catching small problems before they become big headaches saves you money and stress in the long run. 
Peace of mind: Knowing your drains are in tip-top shape gives you the freedom to flush without fear. 
Selling or buying a property: A CCTV survey can be a valuable bargaining chip, offering transparency and potential cost savings. 
Insurance claims: Documentation from a survey can strengthen your case for coverage in the event of drainage-related damage. 
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An insurance policy for your pipes 

Investing in a CCTV drain survey is like buying an insurance policy for your pipes. It's a relatively small price to pay for a clear picture of your drainage health, and the potential to avoid costly disasters down the line. 
So, don't let your drains remain a mystery. Contact a qualified drainage specialist in the UK today and schedule your CCTV survey. Your pipes will thank you! 
Bonus tip: Look for drainage companies accredited by the National Association of Drainage Contractors (NADCC) for guaranteed quality and expertise. 
Remember, healthy drains mean a happy home (or business)! 
If you’re experiencing any drainage problems, we recommend contacting Semilong Services on 01604 492 701 today. We will send one of our drainage experts to come to look at the problem and repair the issue. 
If you’re looking for regular maintenance, we offer maintenance packages where we can make sure your drainage systems are running smoothly and can also identify any issues. 
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