Drain Unblocking 

Drain Unblocking 

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Responsive and Reliable Emergency Drainage services  

A blocked drain can be a huge hassle, bringing your household or business activities to an abrupt halt. Thankfully, putting an end to your drain dramas could be as simple as making a call to Semilong Services.  
Your satisfaction is important to us, so if we are unable to unblock your drain, you won’t pay a penny! It’s that simple. 
Drain Unblocking, Semilong Services

 Pinpointing the True Cause of your Drainage Issues  

Our team’s wealth of knowledge and state of the art technology allows us to quickly pinpoint the true cause of your drainage issue. There is a multitude of reasons why a drain may become blocked, from garden waste shifted by a storm to a household object that accidentally became trapped in your pipes. Included within our equipment is CCTV surveying which allows us to see into the blockage. Semilong Services has seen it all and can fix it fast! 

 Act Fast to Protect your Property  

Left unchecked, a blocked drain can cause major flooding or other significant and costly damage to your property. With our flexible availability and team of experts, we can be with you in no time. By contacting Semilong Services without delay, you can potentially minimise any damage and get back to business or enjoying your leisure time sooner! 

 Maintaining your Drains  

Included within our services, we offer expert advice on how best to care for your drains to hopefully avoid any further incidences. In some cases, the fixes you need done may be covered by your buildings insurance, which we can explain to you. In addition to this we will try and answer any questions you have regarding the issues. We care about our customers and so we ensure that we are always giving the highest quality service. So why not give us a call today? 

 Domestic Drainage  

Common signs that your drain is blocked include slow to no drainage, an odd gurgling sound and a foul smell. Another relative indicator is that wastewater is travelling back up the pipes from baths and showers. 
But do not panic! 
With our experienced knowledge and equipment, we can always handle the problem so that your life can get back on track! 

 Commercial Drainage  

At Semilong services, we understand that when it comes to a commercial drain blocking, it can be a real nightmare for your business. 
The disruption caused can mean precious time lost for you and your staff. 
With the latest equipment, you can rest assured that we will get it cleared quickly and efficiently so that minimal time is lost. 
Contact Semilong Services for Drain Unblocking
To request a quote from our drain cleaning experts in Northamptonshire, just call 01604 492 701 or send us your details using the contact form. 
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