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Your Construction Services Experts  

Semilong Services Ltd. are on hand to help with any construction services that you need on your property, or new projects that you are planning. We work closely with you and your designers to deliver a project with unmatched quality. 
We strive to provide a professional and timely service. Our experienced and qualified team work to make sure that our construction services are considerate to you, your neighbours, or any other end users. 
Construction Services Semilong Services

 Delivering on Budget and On Time  

Construction can prove to be disruptive and unsightly. The last thing you need is for any disruptions to continue longer than absolutely necessary. That's why we send the best possible team to help you with the project. 
We are mindful of your budget and your convenience. You can trust Semilong Services Ltd. to deliver in a timely fashion without breaking your bank. 

 We are Personally Invested  

Our team simply want to deliver the best quality project imaginable. Whatever the project, we are always mindful of the customer and the end user. We take an honest approach to customer service so you are always kept abreast of any changes. 
If you ever feel like you wish to give us feedback on our work, then we will gladly listen and take the appropriate action to make sure you get the service you deserve. 

 Domestic and Commercial Projects  

We provide services for a wide range of customers and industries. Whether you are a local authority or just looking for a personal project to be completed, you can rely upon Semilong Services Ltd. to handle your project with consummate professionalism. 
Our teams are highly trained and equipped to handle a vast array of different construction projects. 

Leaving a Clear and Clear Workspace  

During building work, it is not uncommon for drains to become blocked by concrete or cement, which is why we provide an after builders cleaning service. We will make sure that your construction site is safe whilst we are working, and that any construction debris is cleared and disposed of properly. 
Contact us on 01604 492 701 for more details. 

 Painting and Decorating  

Every building needs a lick of paint from time to time. You might be entirely refurbishing your build, or just covering up a little minor wear and tear. 
Semilong Services Ltd. have a team of professional and friendly painters and decorators to help you with whatever project you have. 

 Maintenance and Roofing  

Whether your property has experienced an accident, needs freshening up, or shows signs of general wear and tear, Semilong Services Ltd. will be at your service. We provide skilled and experienced roofers, carpenters, and even painters and decorators to cater to all your home, community hall, or office needs.  
You can rely on our team to deliver a personal and professional service, understanding your specific requirements quickly. We take pride in providing a high standard of customer service and always appreciate honest feedback. Semilong Services Ltd. aims to offer the best possible service. 

 Industrial Drain Cleaning 

We can keep your drains clean and clear for the sake of your employees’ safety and your bottom line. As well as cleaning, we also offer a descaling service to ensure that your drainage remains in the best condition for as long as possible. 
We’ll provide you with a long-lasting and affordable fix, done quickly so as to cause as little inconvenience as possible to you. 
Contact Semilong Services for Drain Cleaning
To request a quote from our construction experts in Northamptonshire, just call 01604 492 701 or send us your details using the contact form. 
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