CCTV Surveys 

CCTV Surveys 

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Meticulous CCTV Drain Surveys  

A particularly stubborn drain blockage can cause significant frustration for property owners and landlords alike. If you have a drain problem lurking below the surface, Semilong Services can assist with our professional CCTV drain surveys.  
Our company has more than 50 years of combined experience in drainage systems, so we won’t muck around when it comes to fixing your problem! 
Drain CCTV Survey, Semilong Services

 What is a CCTV Drain Survey?  

A CCTV drain survey allows us to remotely inspect your pipes and drains using specialised camera systems and software. The aim is to carry out a detailed and extensive assessment of the condition of your drains in an instant. The cameras capture live images that we can then use to identify any issues and determine the best cause of action. 

 Sophisticated CCTV Technology  

At Semilong Services we use only the most sophisticated CCTV technology and equipment available on the market. This process produces high resolution imagery of every corner of your drainage system or sewer, allowing our team to accurately detect any issues that might be compromising the integrity of your drains. 

 Getting to the Root of the Problem  

Due to the very nature and location of drain problems, the true cause is rarely detectable from the surface. By carrying out a meticulous CCTV drain survey, Semilong Services is able to rapidly get to the root of any problem. That way drain excavations will be carried out only if absolutely necessary. 

Domestic Drains 

To keep your domestic drainage system functioning properly, we can carry out a CCTV scan to check the systems health and to locate any problems.  
We use the very latest camera technology that provides live images of your drainage system.  
Whether you want to have a routine check of your drains or just a one-off, we’ve got you covered. 

Commercial Drains 

Maintaining the drains of your business and ensuring they are in good condition can save valuable time. 
We offer routine checks so that you can be safe knowing that we can see any issues in advance and sort them before they turn into a major problem. 
In the instance that there is a problem, don’t panic, call us and we’ll be there to fix it in no time. 

Advantages of CCTV Surveys  

Using the latest camera equipment, we are able to see any issues within the drainage system. The high-quality images produced will allow us to identify and fix problems easily. It causes the least disruption and ensures no damage is done.  
From structural damage to blockages, we can identify any issues present and get them sorted so you don’t have to worry. 

Undetected Issues  

Since drainage is out of the way, it can be difficult to know a problem until it turns into a more serious issue. Such instances like pest infestations in pipes can go unnoticed at first, but this poses a serious threat to health.  
With our equipment we can detect the problem and fix it before the issue gets out of hand. Maintenance checks can help you feel more at ease that everything is running smoothly. 

Home buyers Survey  

CCTV drain surveys can also be arranged before you purchase a new house and will give an overview of the condition of the properties drainage system, allowing you to make a fully informed decision before finalising anything. 
At Semilong Services, we aim to give you that peace of mind to help with those big decisions. Call us today on 01604 492 701 to find out more. 
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