Why you Should Regularly Clean Your Septic Tank 

Why you Should Regularly Clean Your Septic Tank 

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It’s important to ensure your septic tank is clean to avoid issues from occurring. Septic tanks work by storing wastewater underground for homes that aren’t connected to a sewer system. Due to the wastewater being a potential hazard, properly maintaining your septic tank is essential. 
If you’ve noticed slow drainage from your sinks or if your toilets are taking longer than usual to flush then these are signs that your septic tank needs cleaning. 

Who’s Responsible for Septic Tanks? 

It’s important to note that homeowners are responsible for ensuring that the septic tank on their property is maintained. If you notice any issues with your septic tank then these need to be fixed without delay and be sure to make a note of them. It’s vital to keep a detailed record of everything done to your septic tank. 
Septic Tank Cleaning

Regular Septic Tank Cleaning 

Depending on household size and the capacity of your septic tank, you’ll want it cleaned from anywhere between every 1-3 years or every 3-5 years. It’s important to not let it overflow as this can lead to serious problems occurring. If you need help deciding how often to get your septic tank cleaned then our professionals can advise you. 

Keep Your Septic Tank Functioning at its Best 

As waste starts to break down in the septic tank it can turn into a sludge material and pumping the tank removes this. If this builds up, it will cause an overflow which is why it’s important to ensure that it is cleaned out every once in a while. 
Avoid wastewater backing up in your home and causing swampy areas outdoors by sorting out your septic tank cleaning needs today. 
Septic Tank Overflow

Prevent Septic Tank Overflow 

Over time if the tank reaches its maximum capacity it can cause an overflow causing the ground above to pool with water. In addition to this, it will cause a foul smell near the tank itself and around household drains. It’s a good idea to regularly inspect the area where your septic tank is, we recommend doing this at least once a month. Keeping an eye on it will help you to avoid problems as you will be able to see whenever an issue occurs. 
If the overflow reaches nearby rivers then the bacteria can spread into them, causing major issues. Septic tanks that aren’t properly maintained can cause health and environmental issues which is why it’s essential to make sure that they’re cleaned on a regular basis. 

Septic Tank Cleaning Services 

If you’re in need of cleaning services for your septic tank then we’re here to help. We offer both one-off cleans and maintenance packages so you can be sure that your septic tank will be taken care of all year round. 
At Semilong Services we’re fully licensed by local authorities for the transport, removal, and disposal of waste. 
We can also upgrade and replace your current septic tank too, so get in touch with us today to find out more. 
Call us on 01604 492 701 today. 
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