What not to put Down the Drain 

What not to put Down the Drain 

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There can be mulitple causes of drain blockages, but did you know that one of the main ones is simply by flushing the wrong things down the toilet? There are many household items that are mistakenly disposed of down the toilet that are general waste instead.  
While it may seem harmless over time these can cause a build-up and eventually lead to a blockage which is why it is important to ensure that you’re disposing of them properly. 

What is Supposed to go Down the Drain? 

Did you know that the only item supposed to go down your toilet drain is toilet paper? 
Even toilteries that claim to be ‘flushable’ can actually end up causing harm to your drains by not breaking down properly and creating build ups. This is why it’s best to stay safe and only flush toilet paper 

What About Tissues? 

Tissues aren’t safe to flush either, they aren’t designed to break down and instead absorb a lot of water causing a blockage by clogging the pipes. The best way to dispose of these is using a bin otherwise you could risk having a blocked toilet. 
What not to Put Down the Drain Semilong Services
What Not To Put Down the Drain, Semilong Services

What is the Impact? 

Each item or substance can have a different effect on your drainage system. We’ve made a helpful infographic informing you of common items mistakenly put down drains and what the impact these have on your drainage system. 

Avoid Drain Blockages 

So please remember to only put toilet paper down your toilet! Toiletries and other things such as food waste should be disposed of in the bin instead to avoid any harm to your drainage system, and to avoid any possible build ups occurring. 
Other items such as medication should be disposed by taking them to your local pharmacist as this can have a dangerous impact on wastewater treatment plants. 
Drain Help, Semilong Services

What to do if Your Drain is Blocked? 

If you suspect your drain may be blocked as it’s draining slower than usual or if there are unpleasant smells coming from it then it’s a good idea to try pouring boiling hot water down your drain, followed by one cup of bicarbonate soda and a cup of vinegar. Leave this for a few minutes before flushing with hot water again. If this doesn’t cure it then it may be time to call the professionals. 

Drain Help 

Even if you’re careful drain blockages can occur from other factors, either way if you’re in need of drainage assistance we’re more than happy to help.  
Simply call us on 01604 492 701. 
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