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How to Unblock a Drain 

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It may take a while for a blockage to build up and eventually become apparent. Other than the obvious signs such as overflowing sinks and nasty smells, there are some early-warning signs that indicate you have drainage issues. By making yourself aware of the signs and symptoms of a blocked drain, you can act quickly and resolve the problem before it becomes more serious. 

Water is slowly draining away 

If you have noticed that your sink, bath or toilet are draining slower than normal, this is typically one of the first signs that you have a blocked drain. In some cases, the water may not drain away at all. This happens because the blockage is stopping the water from flowing through the pipes as normal. 
If you have tried plunging and the issue persists, it could indicate a more serious problem such as a collapsed pipe. So, it’s always best to get it checked by a professional drainage company to be sure. 
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A blocked drain really smells 

A properly functioning drainage system shouldn’t smell bad. If you start to notice a foul-smelling odour coming from your drains, this is a sign that you have a blocked drain caused by food debris. When food gathers in the pipes and gets stuck, it starts to decompose and creates an unpleasant smell throughout the home. 
If you have tried drain unblocking chemicals but the smell persists, this is usually a sign that the debris is stuck deeper within the drainage system and requires professional help. 

Strange noises coming from your drains 

If you hear strange gurgling or bubbling noises coming from your drain and plug holes, this could be a sign of a blocked drain. These sounds are typically a result of air or gas bubbles trapped in the drain lines. The common cause of this issue is the build-up of grease, soap, oil and food which stops the flow of water. When the water runs through the blocked drains the air tries to escape the blockage, causing a gurgling noise. 
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Higher water levels than normal 

Have you noticed the water level in your toilet is higher than usual after it’s flushed? If so, this could be an early sign of a toilet blockage. Toilet blockages can be unpleasant to deal with and in serious cases lead to wastewater returning to the house. 
90% of toilet blockages can be unclogged with a toilet plunger. If the water level remains high after using a plunger, tougher clogs require using a toilet snake. 

Damp floor and walls caused by blocked drain 

When you notice damp walls or floors, you shouldn’t ignore the problem as this can be a sign that your drain is blocked. Overlooking a damp problem for a long period of time can result in substantial damage and costly repairs in the future. 
If you notice any of the above signs and you’re in need of any further advice or assistance with your drainage system, we’ll be more than happy to help you out. We offer a wide range of services to deal with your drain related needs from repairs to unblocking and cleaning. Our drain maintenance service will ensure that your drains are functioning their best all year round. 
If you need to discuss your drainage needs, get in touch with us on 01604 492 701. 
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