How To Tell You Have a Collapsed Drain 

How to tell you have a collapsed drain 

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Damage to your drains isn’t always visible, which makes drain problems more common than not. Unfortunately, leaving a drain damaged or blocked for too long can cause serious problems that may end up being very costly. 
One of the more severe drain issues is when your drain has collapsed. When this happens, it will need urgent attention. The best way to know if you have a collapsed drain is to contact your local drainage expert, who will come and perform a CCTV survey. With a CCTV survey, they’ll be able to fully see where the issues are occurring and the best way for them to be fixed. 
Because a collapsed drain isn’t always visible, we have listed some of the commons sign that may indicate that your drain has collapsed. 

Sewer smells coming from your drains 

The first thing you’ll notice when a drain has collapsed is a sewer smell in your home. Your first thought might be that the drain is blocked, and if that’s the case, the smell will go away once the drain has been cleared. If the smell persists, it’s more likely to be a collapsed drain. If you’re experiencing any horrible smells coming from your drains, it’s always best to call your local drainage experts! 
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If you’re suffering from a rodent infestation 

Rats and other rodents thrive in drains and sewer systems, so when a drain collapses, it attracts them and allows direct access to your home.  
It’s best to deal with the rodent infestation first, then you contact your local drainage expert to come and fix the drainage issue. 

New patches of damp and mould will appear 

When the drains in your property are damaged, it puts added strain onto the pipes that carry waste and wastewater. This may cause damage to the pipes, which in turn, can lead to a leak. If a leak persists without any action, then this will more than likely lead to mould and damp. 
Mould and damp can cause an unhealthy living environment, especially if left untreated. It’s always best to get mould looked at as soon as possible. 
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Structural damage and cracks 

Something that could happen in more severe cases, is damage to your home caused by a collapsed drain. Damages usually happen when the drain has been left in disrepair for a prolonged amount of time. 
Damages can appear as cracks along your walls, across your floor or your floors have begun to sag. This happens because the soil underneath your home becomes uneven or expands due to soil erosion and excess amounts of water. 

You’ll notice poor drainage around your home 

Slow or poor drainage can be one of the more annoying issues when it comes to drainage problems. Slow drainage usually happens when there’s a blockage somewhere. A blockage can be caused by a variety of things, including a collapsed drain. 
If the blockage remains after attempting to unblock the drain, you’ll most likely need a CCTV survey to assess the problem. We always recommend seeking professional advice so they can identify when the blockage is and repair the drain if it has collapsed. 
If you’re experiencing any of these problems, we recommend contacting Semilong Services on 01604 492 701 today. We will send one of our drainage experts to come to look at the problem and repair the issue. 
If you’re looking for regular maintenance, we offer maintenance packages where we can make sure your drainage systems are running smoothly and can also identify any issues. 
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