How to Avoid Frozen Pipes This Winter 

How to Avoid Frozen Pipes This Winter 

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Now that the colder months are upon us, it’s a good idea to take precautions when it comes to your pipes freezing and causing problems. 
Frozen water pipes can cause a number of issues, the main one being that the pipes can burst as the water expands as it freezes, causing a build-up of pressure inside the pipe. 
To avoid this, we’ve put together a list of helpful tips so that this doesn’t become a problem in your home. 

Keep the Heating on 

It may increase your utility bill but keeping the heat on inside your home can help to prevent the pipes from freezing and causing costly repairs. Keeping your property above 10°C is ideal as this should be enough to keep the pipes constantly warm. 
Be sure to allow the heat to circulate in your home so that none of your pipes are at risk. Places such as garages and basements are at risk as these tend to be the colder parts of your home, so be sure to allow some heat to get to those areas. 

Invest in Insulation 

Getting insulation for your pipes and water tanks is a great way to avoid problems. Insulation can be purchased from local DIY stores and should especially be fitted to outside pipework and colder areas of your home. 
If your water tank is located in a cold part of your home, such as an unused loft then it’s best to invest in insulation sooner rather than later as this is usually the main cause of burst pipes. 
Service Boiler

Service Your Boiler 

If there are problems with your heating then the first step should be to check when your boiler was last serviced. It’s ideal to get your boiler serviced every year in the earlier months to ensure that there are no issues when the colder months come. 

Keep Water Running 

Turning your taps on every so often will make sure that water is moving through the system and that it isn’t stuck in one place for an extended period of time. Running water will also relieve pressure from the system to prevent a build-up which could cause pipes to burst. 

If You’re Going Away 

If you’re planning to go away on holiday or if you’re leaving your home to see family over Christmas, this is when your pipes are at the most risk of freezing. 
It’s a common mistake for many to turn their heating off when leaving their home, but this can cause serious problems, especially with it getting colder outside. Be sure to leave your heating on this winter to avoid any frozen water pipes. 
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